Heated SCR Line with Quick Connectors

Our heated SCR line links the tank to the injection system on the exhaust line, supplying it with AdBlue® fluid. Our solution, created exclusively with thermoset thermoplastic materials, is lightweight and easy to install. Its heating power can be tailored to each customer's needs thanks to the smart choice of integrated resistant wires in the line wall.

  • Products Family: Depollution lines

Technical Features

  • PPA inner layer, spiraled electrical resistant wire, covered with a co-extruded TPE (Hutchinson's Vegaprene®) layer or corrugated PPA sleeve.
  • Laser-welded or press-fitted quick connectors on the internal tube, over-molded with TPE (Hutchinson Vegaprene®) protection.


  • Electronic integration
  • Fuel efficient
  • Reduces emissions