Our Lead-Lag Dampers are installed on helicopter rotor heads either between the hub and the blade or between two consecutives blades. They’re essential rotor components that ensure dynamic stability of the aircraft under all operating conditions. These solutions are especially critical for preventing ground and air resonance.


Our Elasto-Hydraulic Lead-Lag Dampers combine the advantages of hydraulic dampers (high damping levels, adjustable force vs. velocity characteristics depending on operating conditions) and elastomer  bushing (long lifecycle, elimination of external dynamic seals). Dynamic characteristics, for example force vs. velocity for specific operating conditions, can be adjusted to meet helicopter OEM requirements.


There are a number of settings to adjust the technical features:
-  For the elastomer components: size, hardness and damping.
-  For hydraulic components: fluids, pressure loss management and setting threshold.
-  Coupling and decoupling the different layers of elastic and hydraulic parts.


  • Products family: Lead-lag dampers for helicopter


Technical Features

  • Life cycle by eliminating the need for inside/outside dynamic sealings.
  • Extended range of achievable dynamic characteristics: K’ vs. K”.
  • Eliminates gaps by using elastomer rod-ends.
  • Can be inspected visually to ensure security.
  • Combines the performance of hydraulic technology and low maintenance of elastomer products.


  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Low Maintenance
  • Comfort