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Mechatronics expands our offers from components to connected systems and enables increased functionality and versatility of our products across an increasing range of applications.

Higher added value through smarter products

Having expertise in materials, mechanics, systems, electronics and data management allow us to develop connected solutions that deliver higher added value to our customers. The range of expertise includes:

  • Integrating wired and wireless sensors,
  • Acquiring and processing data,
  • Implementing and controlling actuators,
  • Managing energy.


These technologies are managed by Hutchinson’s Mechatronics team mostly located in our corporate research center. The team develops new solutions, concepts and demonstrators which are rolled out and upscaled in all our technical centers through close partnerships with our customers.


The resulting smart products respond to customer safety needs and comply with increasingly demanding regulations. They enable integration of new features such as collecting data to improve system reliability, safety, performance and maintenance.


In automotive and aerospace applications for instance, mechatronics solutions deliver higher performance levels such as active vibration control system for helicopter cockpits. In aerospace safety improvements made possible by mechatronics include de-icing controllers and smart sensors to detect usage and wear.


Safer, cleaner, more comfortable cars

Mechatronics solutions such as active vibration control systems for better vibration damping and optimal acoustic quality enable higher comfort for passengers as well as weight reduction of components and eventually reduced fuel consumption.