We make it possible



Hutchinson responds to its customers’ challenging requirements by remaining constantly at the forefront of technology and research. Our Group adopts an open innovation approach through collaborative research projects, partnerships with academic institutions and multidisciplinary knowledge that is the trademark of its teams.

Collaborative projects

We are involved in several collaborations with two main objectives : acess upstream initatives with our customers and strengthen our innovation capabilities. Thanks also to several international experts active in the industry, Hutchinson anticipate the trends and sharpens its knowledge of emerging fields.


Our collaborative projects are managed at national and international level with various companies and research institute and across many felds such as thermal insulation, composites materials or acoustics.


Projects are selected based on a set of technical and business criteria, including opportunities to partner with OEMs in key markets. 


Academic partnerships

Hutchinson partners with universities and engineering schools to develop synergies that can improve the design of products under development. We have signed an agreement with two leading French schools, Centrale Lyon and EMLyon, with whom the "We Make It Possible" chair was created. This cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural program fosters team-based on projects and sponsors specific workshops that promote innovation.