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Open Innovation Programs

Hutchinson is dedicated to bringing the best value and technology to our customers. We make it possible through the hard work and creativity of our teams, enlarged by our Open Innovation Programs.


The Open Innovation as an approach whereby information from external resources is combined with internal knowledge and data to inspire new products or services. At Hutchinson, this approach guides a series of projects known collectively as the Open Innovation Program.


Hutchinson’s unique and diverse range of expertise allows some of this “external” data to come from different areas within the company. For example, data or experts on Automotive systems may be combined with data or experts on Aerospace systems to create an innovative product, system, service, etc.


The Hutchinson Open Innovation Program empowers all employees to think big, experiment with new ideas, and bring those ideas to life.


MIP - Make it Possible

Make it Possible is the flagship Open Innovation program at Hutchinson. Around fifteen employees from diverse fields are selected to collaborate on a project based on a theme set by our CEO. They meet in their local Fab House in Europe, North America, or Asia and work with regional partner school to learn the Design Thinking methodology. After six months of research, discovery, and design, the groups present their innovative product or service related to the initial theme. Some of these ideas even go on to become Hutchinson products like, The Hut, a portable emergency shelter.


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HIVE - Hutchinson Innovative Vital Experience

At Hutchinson we recognize that good ideas can come from anywhere and we give our employees an opportunity to bring those ideas to life. One of the ways we do this is through the HIVE program. HIVE fosters entrepreneurship across Hutchinson. It offers every employee the opportunity to develop their own idea of a new product or service. Once the idea is approved by the jury, the employee gets time and support to develop their concept.


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Innovation Awards

The annual Innovation Awards are given by our CEO and the Hutchinson jury to employees who took the initiative to create and implement new products or systems which improve our business, safety measures, or operational excellence. It’s a great way to recognize teams who go above and beyond.


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