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Heated SCR Line with Quick Connectors

Technical Features

  • Composed of a PPA inner hose and a spiraled electrical resistant wire covered with a TPE (Hutchinson's Vegaprene®) co-extruded layer or corrugated PPA sleeve.
  • Built according to ST01070_14_00388 (PSA) , 31858451-003-01 (VCC), SCR -Cap.arm.Fiat-Chrysler -Diesel exhaust fluid-heated supply lines Ed.11-2013 (FCA), and Product Spec for JLR Def Pressure Lines.
  • Hutchinson's tube laser welded heated or fir-tree over molded TPE (Hutchinson Vegaprene®) quick connectors SAE J2044 – ¼”,  ⅜".


  • Electronic integration
  • Fuel efficient
  • Reduces emissions
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Heated SCR Line with Quick Connectors

Our Heated SCR Line links the tank to the SCR injection system on the exhaust line, supplying it with AdBlue®. Because it’s made from plastic it’s lightweight, and thanks to its thermoformed lines, it's easy to install. The heating power can be changed to meet customers' needs.

  • Products Family: Depollution lines
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